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We provide technical and commercial pre-sales and post-sales engineering required to deliver wire and wireless network solutions, unified communications, security and IPTV.

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ATL offers professional free presale services that your company needs for a quick and successful closing of your opportunities.

We have specialized engineers in order to generate an effective proposal of the technologies that we offer. We have competitive support for each of the manufacturers we represent.

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We have a team of professionals specialized in different areas, who provide complete solutions for your business.

Here you can find the best solutions in the market. Select one of them and know their features and products that we offer in each of them.
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What we offer?

Metro Ethernet

Technology designed to provide data connectivity services in a MAN Network, these multiservice networks support any kind of IP traffic.

Multiservice Access

FTTX solutions to use fiber optic cables and optical distribution systems to deliver advanced services, such as Triple Play: telephony, broadband Internet and television, to the homes and businesses of subscribers.

Networking Enterprise

Business communications from the backbone network to the access that help connect video surveillance, voice and data delivering centralized management.

Industrial Networking

A complete family of industrial grade networking products in support of the global transition to all IP services.

Wireless Networking

High performance enterprise wireless networks that can adapt to any demand.

IT Security

Synchronized security platform that combines intuitive security with award-winning products that work together as a security system.

Optical Wireless

Optical wireless, based on FSO-technology, is an outdoor wireless product category that provides the speed of fiber, with the flexibility of wireless.

Unified Communications

Intelligent communication solutions that streamline business’ processes and operations; improve reliable, secure and interoperable with current systems and automatically managed with minimal intervention.

Media Conversion

Compact and easy to use devices with multiple models of managed and unmanaged industrial media converters designed to extend Ethernet.

IPTV & Digital Signage

Appliances for many audio/video input formats to broadcast-grade compression quality, industrial-grade high-density and compact providing End-to-End video with ultra-low delay.