Additionally ATL-Corp offers the following services to complement and add value to our solutions



  • ATL gives totally free presales professional services that your business needs for a fast and successful closure of their opportunities.
  • ATL has a group of engineers specializing in presale, which will be presented as staff of the company to its customers, in order to lift technical information and effective support to the proposed solutions.
  • We also have support in place for each of the manufacturers we represent, for custom pre visits to their clients.
Outsourcing Pre-venta


  • Transport solution MEF certified Carrier Class 9and 14 MEF
  • Engineering detail prior to implementation
  • Advice on best practice installation and configuration with contingency plans for deployment in mission-critical environments
  • Implementation Factory Certified Engineers with broad experience to ensure a rapid and successful installation receipt to the total satisfaction of its customers
  • Management support contracts directly with factory mode with 5×8 or 7×24 NBD advanced hardware replacement
  • Parts available 24 hours a nationalized
  • preventive maintenance routines firmware updates
  • Option supports remote access to unscheduled site
  • Implement SNMP management software
  • Advice on troubleshooting network performance
Implementacion Soporte


  • customized training programs to meet requirements in tenders
  • Didirect technical certification courses Factory
  • Knowledge transfer during implementation
  • Training programs in design and sale of solutions for their Departments of Pre-Engineering and Business
  • Free Seminars technology upgrade directly from manufacturers that we represent

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